Las Vegas is a city that keeps changing all the time. If you skip a visit for a year or two, you’re guaranteed to see at least a couple of massive new buildings that weren’t there last time. Sin City doesn’t stop booming, and it’s reaching new heights without skipping a beat.

And this isn’t likely to change soon. There were worries that major leagues would never allow a team to situate itself in Las Vegas due to its close ties to gambling and sports betting. But, that turned out to be not true. In 2017, NHL was the first one to venture into Las Vegas metropolitan area, when the Vegas Golden Knights entered the top hockey league. They play their home games on the Strip. As of the 2020 season, Oakland will be without its NFL team. The Raiders (now to be called the Las Vegas Raiders) left for Nevada, with the construction of an NFL stadium in the process.

So, what does this mean for gambling? This isn’t tied just to sports; it’s a mere example of how there really are no limits for the Entertainment Capital of the World. Seemingly, new ideas and plans are never-ending, and we can expect to receive several new casinos in the next few years. Let’s go through some of the news on Las Vegas casino construction, starting with a major addition to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Genting Group, a Malaysian company, has its plans in progress to add a new casino to the Strip. The group has injected a whopping $4 billion into the construction of this casino, which will have a red-and-white-dominated interior done in a Chinese theme.

The casino floor will cover over 100,000 square feet and will contain thousands of slot machines, table games, and poker tables. Additionally, the interior will have pagodas and gardens with fountains and flora. They will have three hotel towers which will consist of over 3,400 rooms and suites for the guests of the casino. The casino, located near the Las Vegas Convention Center, is expected to open in late 2020.

The Drew Las Vegas

Also found close to the Convention Center (they plan to build a bridge connecting the two), The Drew Hotel and Casino will finally give purpose to the formerly-known Fontainebleau, a 60-story hotel which was erected in 2010 but not finished due to the Recession. The Drew, set to open in 2020, will have the aforementioned 4,000-room hotel, as well as a casino floor and half a million square feet of convention space. The construction of the casino costs around $1 billion.

Circa Resorts & Casino

Moving away from the Strip, Circa Resorts and Casino will, if everything goes according to plan, completely redefine how downtown Las Vegas looks. Located on Fremont Street, this will be a first casino built from the ground in downtown Vegas in the last 40 years. The plans reveal they will have (rather symbolically) 777 hotel rooms, as well as a two-story casino floor and five restaurants. Adjacent to it, there will be a Garage Mahal, which is just a fancy name for a nine-story parking lot which will be adapted for pickups by ridesharing companies such as Lyft and Uber. Moreover, they also plan to include a spa and six swimming pools, whose joint capacity is over 4,000 guests. 

Finally, remember how NFL and NHL teams now play under the Las Vegas sun without any effects on sports betting? Well, this casino will feature Circa Sportsbook, a three-story betting facility which will represent the largest sportsbook in Nevada.

Other Changes

Another change to the Strip is that The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will no longer bear that name. Instead, from 2019 onwards, the visitors will go to the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas, as the British billionaire Richard Branson bought the facilities. There won’t be any changes to the structure of the casino (meaning that we won’t see new buildings popping up), but they will completely redesign the interior.

Furthermore, while the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino has been one of the most successful properties on the Strip casino-wise, the Wynn resort has had its fair share of troubles. In the wake of the CEO Steve Wynn stepping down due to sexual harassment allegations, it remains to be seen what will happen with the planned additions. They planned to create a massive lagoon instead of a golf course, but, for now, they will have to stick with the golf course. Wynn bought new land next to the casino, but we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen with that under the new management.

Finally, not everything is that rosy in Vegas. There are projects that were announced and planned but failed to be carried out. For instance, you won’t be hearing much about The Riviera, Clarion, or Lucky Dragon.

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